HIPAA Statement


HIPAA Security Regulations have been developed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of individual health information.

The TeamLINKS HIPAA task force has analyzed the most recent HIPAA Security Regulation and conducted a detailed gap analysis between our products and the regulations. We have determined that our products meet all requirements of the security regulations and are committed to ensuring that they continue to do so.

Unfortunately, EHR software alone does not mean you are in compliance with security regulations. Recognizing this, we have partnered with Excellence in Healthcare to assist our customers with ensuring compliance for all HIPAA Security Regulations.

For a reduced fee, good only for TeamLINKS customers, Excellence in Healthcare will provide:

  • Onsite HIPAA Security Analysis
  • Customized policies & procedures that fit your practice
  • Training for your staff to stay in compliance
  • Development of a risk management plan
  • Assistance in assessing and reporting breaches to minimize any fines and penalties


For more information, you can visit the HHS.gov website at Health Information Privacy Training