For a low monthly cost, Medicaid Prior Authorizations can be submitted electronically saving you time and money.


  • The TeamLINKS prior authorization module is the only system endorsed by the Arkansas Department of Health & Human Services Dental Medicaid for accepting Prior Authorizations electronically. The electronic submission of prior authorizations has reduced the turnaround time of a Dental Medicaid claim from 6-9 months to an average of 2 to 4 weeks. Some are received back within a week.
  • Prior authorizations are stored and tracked within TeamLINKS, allowing for easy retrieval of patients claim history. You can also see where the claim is in the submission process.
  • The J400 & DMS320 forms are automatically populated from the patient’s chart and provider profile, eliminating valuable resources and staff time with duplicate entry of data.
  • Dental providers and dental consultants are communicating in an electronic, 100% HIPAA compliant environment decreasing the amount of time that it takes to provide patient services and increasing patient satisfaction
  • No longer do patients have to wait to get the services your office provides. TeamLINKS has greatly shortened the process.