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FAYETTEVILLE, AR – On Monday, February 25, the first dental providers in the state of Arkansas successfully attested for their second year under the CMS electronic HealthRecord Incentive program using TeamLINKS ®, a certified dental electronic HealthRecord system developed by U.S. HealthRecord.


For those unfamiliar with the program, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides incentive payments for healthcare professionals who use certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Termed “Meaningful Use,” healthcare providers must prove that they are using EHRs in a meaningful way by meeting a list of criteria in three graduated stages set forth by CMS in order to receive their yearly incentive check.


Until Monday, only medical professionals and hospitals had met the necessary requirements for the second year of Meaningful Use in the State of Arkansas.   Executives for U.S. HealthRecord cite the use of the TeamLINKS ® system, which is designed specifically for dentists.


“Our clients would not have been able to get their second year incentive money from Medicaid had it not been for TeamLINKS,” said Larry Wiley, Chief Operation Officer for U.S. HealthRecord.  “Through our collaborative efforts, we have been able to get dental providers thousands of dollars in incentive payments from CMS.  That’s pretty impressive.”  


  “We are excited to see dental providers using EHRs that are made for their workflow and are happy that they are actually benefiting  from this government program,” said Wiley. “Our goal is to help all eligible providers maximize their incentive payment and enable them to improve patient care and profitability.” 

TeamLINKS is certified as Dentrix G5 compatible. Integrate your practice management software with TeamLINKS and avoid duplicate data entry. The Meaningful Use Certified EHR is available for purchase through the Dentrix Marketplace.

TeamLINKS has been endorsed by the Arkansas Dental Association. As the only EHR system partnered with the ASDA, we are committed to improving patient care and ensuring that dental providers are able to meet Meaningful Use.

Beginning November 2014, TeamLINKS EHR 2014.1 has been certified by the Drummond Group(an ONC‐ACB) as Meaningful Use stage 2. This certification gives our customers the ability to apply for federal incentive money, totaling up to $63,750 over 6 years. As one of very few EHR systems that focuses on the dental industry, we are incredibly excited to receive this certification and to pass the benefits along to our customers.