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I have used teamlinks-os in my practice for over 3 years now. Many years of experience dealing with illegible, inaccurate, unreadable, and essentially useless paper entries in paper charts quickly made me realize that when I entered private practice the only option was the electronic format. While initially very skeptical and having been a “victim” of a clumsy and absolutely unworkable system in my branch of the military prior to retiring from service, I became pleasantly surprised at how well an electronic record could function and streamline an operation.

During the time I’ve used teamlinks-os, I have learned to appreciate the efficiency and time savings of a “user friendly” and “useable” electronic medical record, complete with functions which allow creation of essential documents like operation reports, consultation letters, interoffice correspondence, custom notes, among many other features. And unlike other systems on the market of which I’m aware, technical support and assistance has been outstanding and virtually only a phone call or email away.

Without question I would recommend teamlinks-os to every oral surgeon as a definite asset to the practice.

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Dr. Jones Office

I work at the front desk at Dr. Jones office, and I wish every specialist would use TeamLINKS .  It takes not even a 10th of the time to send a referral online, and you know the specialist will have all the x-rays and progress notes available to be able to follow the sequence of treatments between restorative and specialist(s). It helps us greatly, to be able to plan for the correct treatment, (less wasted schedule time) when we know where our patient is in the treatment sequence.


Don’t the general dentists have to plan their next appointments after their patients see specialists, for Crowns, bridgework, implant crowns etc..? Also, patients are able to update their medical histories, changes in phone numbers, addresses etc. This saves us time.


My patients seem to feel like they are being better taken care of as the specialist has access to all pertinent information directly from their general dentist who knows them best.


It is by far the best organization tool for the front desk. I remember what it was like before to try and figure out where a patient was in treatment sequence before US HealthRecord, and sometimes it took all day between phone calls etc. Now it is almost instant.


Having access to the most recent x-rays helps in filing insurance claims too, as for many procedures insurance companies require x-rays to show necessity of treatment,( By having the x-rays from the endodontist there is no question as to the necessity of the crown.) I also send copies of recent panoramic x-rays for pretreatment estimates for patients needing restorative composites post orthodontic.


Terry Box, DDS

There are several assets to using TeamLINKS for referrals beside the obvious elimination of fax and phone calls.


First is the speed at which an opinion can be obtained. When using operatory computers, the referral can be done without leaving the room. Often, if time is of the essence, the two offices can discuss the images or treatment while simultaneously viewing the records and images. This is a great benefit for all involved because the referral appointment can be more focused, saving time.


Second is easy access for all treating offices to have instant access to the status of the patient. A lot of referring doctors would prefer to have more timely reports from their specialists, in some instances.


Another is intangible and difficult to measure, but from personal experience there is certain “WOW” experience for the patient when they are aware of how the referral is being handle efficiently and securely. They also appreciate less wait time in the referral office if they don’t have to redo a health history.


Finally, we all know that it is inevitable that secure electronic communication is the future of healthcare and that patients will be expecting to have access to their records with a PHR. TeamLINKS is the only system that allows interoffice communications ,common record access, and PHR access while allowing each office to use the management system of their choice and giving the patients ownership of their health information and treatment history.


You may refer any of the doctors that have questions to me if I may be of assistance.

Kenton A. Ross DMD

The benefit I have used the longest is viewing consults anytime from anywhere on my phone or iPad. Time is limited at the office so reading a consult at my convenience is great. The photos and X-rays are right there. These can be copied and pasted into the patient record at the office.


The higher functions of case presentation and consultation are unmatched by any other HIPPA compliant software. With the changes coming on at Dentrix, I believe the paradigm shift to online consults and referrals will come soon. Our product will allow specialists to introduce their referring colleagues to this new way of practicing.