TeamLINKS EHR is a Drummond Group Meaningful Use certified, cloud-based electronic health record. Developed by providers for providers, TeamLINKS is designed to enhance patient outcomes and streamline Interdisciplinary Care.

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What is TeamLINKS?

TeamLINKS electronic health record (EHR) is a product of US HealthRecord, Inc., a leader in dental EHR technology.  Founded in the late 1990’s by Dr. Richard Roblee, TeamLINKS has been a pioneer in interdisciplinary collaboration for dental providers. Offering HIPAA compliant referral and collaboration capability, TeamLINKS has allowed dental providers the ability to streamline interdisciplinary care for more than 18 years.

TeamLINKS EHR 2014.1 is currently certified by the Drummond Group(an ONC‐ACB) as Meaningful Use stage 2. This certification allows qualified dental providers the ability to meet the EHR requirement to participate in Meaningful Use stage 2. To date, TeamLINKS Meaningful Use providers have received thousands of dollars in Meaningful Use incentive money. TeamLINKS Meaningful Use services include: Quality Reporting, E-prescribe with drug/drug and drug/allergy interactions, Orders-CPOE, patient access to EHR through a patient portal, and ability to provide a HIPAA compliant exchange of patient information between providers.

For providers who do not qualify for Meaningful Use, TeamLINKS offers a complete EHR system with services which include:

  • HIPAA compliant referral and collaboration – No more faxing or emailing
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Drug/drug and drug/allergy interaction check
  • Chart documentation
  • Arkansas Prior Authorization electronic filing
  • Study Club
  • Imaging
  • Criticare Monitor interface (for OMS customers)
  • Patient Education